Fighting Back Against The Callous Business Practices of Verizon Wireless

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Verizon Under Fire By Local Business Owners 

For Interference With Private Enterprise  

  • Verizon’s “5G” installations have been devastating small business owners on Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, California costing tens of thousands of dollars weekly in lost revenue and operating expenses. 

  • The project by Verizon has required, and will require lane closures as well as parking restrictions on several consecutive Saturdays – which are critical business days for local businesses located between Martel and Vista on the 7400 block of Beverly Blvd. Crosswalks are completely blocked, which is being reported to Paul Koretz the local City Councilman.  

  • Although a permit has apparently been issued by the city, no offer of compensation has been made by Verizon to the business owners effected by this (for profit) project. When asked for comment, “Underground Supervisor” for VCI Construction LLC, Dale Dozier basically replied “Too bad, we have a permit.”  

  • There are talks of legal action and a class action law suit is brewing. The businesses that are considering legal action include, but are not limited to: PROSPR, Shaki Alibi, Scent Bar, Voiage, Salon 3, Deborah Sharpe Linens and Platt Vintage Jewelry and Kit Vintage, as well as Claire Pettibone.  

  • Randy Esada of PROSPR stated “We usually do half of our walk in business on a Saturday.  We simply can’t afford this kind of interruption, nor should we have to.”   

  • Shaki Alibi, which is always packed at 11 AM, today has only two patrons.   

  • Although the Verizon commissioned work is permitted the company’s reputation is on the line.    

  • “The disruption to small businesses as well as to the community should have been considered early on and the businesses should not have to fight for compensation,” “It should have been a common courtesy.” Added Esada.


  • A spokesperson for Verizon, Heidi Flato has been contacted and the businesses are awaiting her reply.   

  • CC:   Paul Koretz – LA City Councilman     213-473-7005 
  •  Heidi Flato – Verizon    925-324-8692 

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