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Fighting Back Against The Callous Business Practices of Verizon Wireless


UPDATE: Saturday July 13, 2019 - Another Day of Construction by Verizon Equals Another Day of Misery For Residents on Martel & Vista & Another Day of Revenue Wiped Out for Small Businesses on Beverly Blvd. Verizon Appears Unfazed!


Verizon's Tone Deaf Response

During a phone conversation with Verizon's representative Randal Hernandez  (949-557-9471), the topic of compensation came up for businesses who have clearly lost revenue as a result of Verizon's project, and was flatly denied.  In fact, the concept seemed outrageous to Hernandez. 

When it was pointed out to the Verizon representative that these same businesses receive compensation from  production crews for television & film who use parking, create lane closures etc., he literally couldn't believe it.

I asked Randall Hernandez:

"Why do you think production companies compensate businesses when they take the parking?"  

There was a long pause.  I had to ask "Hello, are you still there?"  Finally a response... "Honestly, I have no idea!"   Really? No idea?

This was very illuminating and really speaks to the tone deaf nature of the beast, and the total lack of humanity of this corporate giant!

Dear Mr Hernandez and Verizon as a company...

The reasons that other big companies compensate businesses on Beverly Blvd, or wherever, when there is a significant adverse effect on revenue, or inconvenience as a result of their presence is in part but not limited to the following:


  1. Its The Right Thing To Do!  - When something you do hurts someone else, you should make amends. These businesses pay a premium to do business on this street and Saturday is the most important day to all the businesses, especially a restaurant. 
  2. Your Reputation Matters! - How you treat people, including small businesses, matters.  Your presence leaves a long lasting impression on the community which effects your reputation. Your callousness leaves a permanent scar, and reveals to the general public that you simply don't care.  You spend tens of millions trying to convince people that you do care, exposing your real nature is counter intuitive to that investment.
  3. Its Practical to Care! - If the people you are hurting decide to fight back, they can.  When the people you harm organize, they can make a difference by raising awareness and/or taking legal action, notifying City Counsel (not that it helped in this situation). All of these things cost money and can cause delays.   
  4. Courtesy Goes A Long Way! - When you are going to do things that clearly going to harm people, the least you could do is let them know you are coming.  This is not only a lesson in humanity, its the law.  Legally, even if you have a permit, the law presupposes that you proceed in a responsible way taking into account any harm that you might do.  A permit is not a get out of jail free card.  A permit does not make you exempt from legal action.  
  5. You Are Responsible for Your Actions! - Legally and spiritually! Save your souls, and your reputation...  Offer compensation to the people you have injured.  

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Verizon Pseudo 5G Installation Reeks Havoc On Small Businesses


For The Third Saturday In A Row!

Anger Over Work on Beverly Continues to Brew

For the third consecutive Saturday...  Thanks  to Verizon,  The Shaki Alibi, located at the corner of Martel & Beverly in  Los  Angeles ,  is empty at 11 AM , which is a peak hour when the shop is usually filled with customers.  

Consequently three employess were sent home again. This was quite a shock to the owner since Jay from Paul Koretz’s office assured the businesses on Beverly Blvd that there would be no construction on Saturdays for two weeks.  The cold comfort quickly turned to ice when construction crews showed up again today in full force.  

"How are my employees supposed to survive?"  commented R. J. Milano, owner of Shaki Alibi. on June 29th.  “Most of my employees live check to check and have rent to pay on Monday”. 

The financial burden that Verizon’s work has caused The  Shaki  Alibi  as  well  as  all  the  retail  shops  on  Beverly  Boulevard  between  Martel  &  Vista is monumental.  Verizon  refuses to reimburse businesses for  resulting  losses!  Businesses  cry  foul!

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How Can We Help?

  • CALL: Paul Koretz (213) 473-7005    LA City Councilman   
  • Randal Hernandez   VERIZON 949-557-9471
  • CALL: Heidi Flato  (925) 324-8692   Verizon 
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Anger Over Work on Beverly Continues to Brew

Verizon Construction Disrupts Business On Beverly Blvd

As reported in the...


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Verizon projects are costing small business owners huge financial losses and may lead to layoffs.  Verizon responds with impunity citing city permits. NOT SO FAST, says business owners.   This is happening all over the city of Los Angeles.  We want to hear your stories.  

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Beverly Press Article

Saturday Parking & Lane Closures The Worst For Retail Businesses! - Brace Yourself Because It’s Coming To A Neighborhood Near You!

PROSPR on Beverly:  

We usually do half of our  weekly walk in business on Saturdays. Consequently,  Verizon’s “for profit“ venture with construction exclusively on Saturdays has been a nightmare for us. In addition, we are very disappointed in the lack of compassion displayed by Verizon as well Paul Koretz's ( the district 5 City Councilman's ) office.  

In fact, we were told by Jay Greenstein at Paul Koretz‘s office that there would be no construction for two weeks starting June 29, 2019 in order to give businesses a break and a chance to catch up.  This cold comfort quickly turned to ice early this morning when construction started again in full force.  

We suspect this misinformation was a deliberate act in order to cause the cancelation of Television news coverage which was scheduled to happen today.  “A low down dirty trick in my opinion!“ “Certainly not becoming of a Los Angeles City Councilman‘s Office”.

Randy Esada , June 29, 2019